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Donation to the Kindergarten in Bercu:
04 Apr 2016 20:42 - maurer

     This Thursday the Maurer Foundation visited the Kindergarten in Bercu. There, th [ ... ]

Dr. Széles Ferenc in Dorolț
20 Mar 2016 19:08 - maurer

This Friday Dr. Széles Ferenc, oncologist surgeon from the Hospital of Debrencen, along with  [ ... ]


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Yesterday, (2015.12.04) Maurer Foundation donated fifty-four gift packs for the Kindergarten in Hrip. These packages contained sweets and toys (different for boys and girls) and there were taken home by the children. Along these gifts, the foundation also donated toys which remained in the kindergarten, so they could be used by the future generation as well. This small group of children were very happy to have these goods.  They mostly come from families with poor financial situation, so they rarely eat high quality food and get high quality toys. Pictures here!


This Saturday (2015.03.21) the Maurer Foundation’s volunteers were measuring blood pressure, blood sugar and they were giving free food to the people in the center of the city. Next Saturday they will be there as well! Those who would like to offer their 2% of their taxes can do it there. Pictures here!


The terrible weather conditions could not stop the Maurer Foundation’s volunteers to help others. They measured blood pressure and blood sugar in the center of the city. Pictures here!


Maurer Foundation continues helping the kindergartens in the nearby villages. This time we have visited the kindergarten in Hrip which was the fourth institution where we tried to make a difference. Pictures here!


This year, by favor of Maurer Foundation, Santa Claus could visit the kindergarten in Ombod. Pictures here!


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