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     This Thursday the Maurer Foundation visited the Kindergarten in Bercu. There, the foundation, donated gift packages which contained school supplies, toys and sweets. With the unpacking the volunteers were helped by the bigger children as well. After that, the kindergarten teacher handed out the goods which were accepted the by the children with huge smiles on their faces. The teacher also paid attention to the fact that some of the children have siblings, so they were given extra packages to take them home.

     The Foundation would like to continue helping the local kindergartens but for this it needs a solid financial background to which you can contribute as well by donating two percent of your taxes. Thank you in advance!

Pictures Here!


This Friday Dr. Széles Ferenc, oncologist surgeon from the Hospital of Debrencen, along with Maurer Foundation visited the reformed parish in Dorolt, where he held a presentation about different kinds of tumors.

Dr. Széles explained to the participants that in 75% of the cases junk food was the delinquent. He also considers that people should stop using low quality cosmetics, which are another major danger, and start using high quality products instead, even if these have higher prices. The doctor also drew attention to the fact that tumors could be avoided if people would do blood tests every six months at least.

After the presentation there was a discussion, where the participants were able to ask several questions.  Besides his professional answers, Dr. Széles also gave small tips in order to help people preventing this serious disease.

During the discussion, Maurer Foundation’s volunteers measured blood sugar and blood pressure for free.

Pictures Here!



Maurer Foundation visited the reformed parish in Somes district. There, the foundation measured blood pressure, blood sugar and handed out food among those who were there. Pictures here!



           This Monday (2016.01.02) Maurer Foundation along with SVD BAU Ltd. donated an antibacterial lamp to the County Hospital, in Satu Mare.

             Sadly, the Hospital did not possessed such a device in the past, which is essential to maintain a healthy environment for the patients. The lamp’s main attribute is that its light disinfects the air and the surface of the objects. This simple device can work while the nurses, doctors and patients are near it, without harming them. This way no viral, bacterial or fungal pathogen remains alive. The lamp is mounted on a stand, so it can be easily transferred between the rooms, and it is also equipped with a protecting bell in order to ensure its safety.

            If you consider that that this donation was to the benefit of all citizens in Satu Mare then help our work by donating us 2% of your tax. For more information please call 0744 513 525 or visit our headquarter (Satu Mare, George Coșbuc street, 4/A) where you can fill out the forms personally. We appreciate your kindness and thank you in advance!





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